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Tunnel Washer - TW Series

Tunnel Washer - TW Series

By nature of the task, tunnel washing machines require flexibility in their design for customization since every tunnel environment poses different challenges due to curvatures and heights. WAUSAU’s TW Series tunnel washing machines take this fact into account by offering a modular design that allows for optimum configuration for specific requirements on a proven base unit.

The standard configuration is designed for all wall and ceiling cleaning as well as signage and areas behind hand rails.

The base unit typically requires a minimum front axle rating of 20,000 lbs, and a rear axle rating of 46,000 lbs. Recommended maximum truck speed in low range (working speed) is .62 mph to 1.2 mph.

The brush head is driven hydraulically by an auxiliary engine providing 94 hp. Standard brush head length is 5.2’.

Customization of the base unit can include the following options:

  • extra long boom for higher ceilings (up to 30’)
  • extra narrow brush head
  • 8′ split brush head for curved surfaces
  • extra large water/detergent tanks
  • additional propane heater to heat water/detergent
  • platform mounted operator cab for optimum visibility
  • platform/railing structure to accommodate additional personnel
  • high pressure wander hose (s) and hose reels