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FB formerly HSB5200 SNOSaw

FB formerly HSB5200 SNOSaw

Powerful Drive train with a Warranty to Back It Up

The hydrostatic drive train is capable of transferring up to 600 H.P. making it compatible with the largest of available electronically controlled diesel engine power plants. All of the drive components are supplied with a manufacturer’s three year replacement warranty at no extra charge.

Dual Impeller Airblast System Provides Clean Dry Pavement

The dual impeller, dual outlet airblast system produces a high velocity air stream that blows across the swept path. One nozzle is positioned at the leading edge of the broom to further clean the pavement swept, while the other nozzle is at the trailing edge of the broom casting the snow even further as it leaves the brush.

Operators Are At Ease With State-of-the-Art Control System

Broom left/right angling, up/down, airblast position, stripper cap, and quick hitch functions are accomplished with microprocessor controlled proportional hydraulics for ease of operation, trouble-shooting, and programmability allowing you to tailor the system to your individual needs.


  • Wausau HSB SNOSaw™ High Speed Truck Mounted Runway Brooms are extremely durable providing outstanding reliability. Design features focus on ease of operation, outstanding sweeping performance, better visibility, less snow build-up, and straight-forward maintenance.
  • Broom Assembly Provides for Efficient Snow Sweeping with Muscle
  • The broom head is driven from both ends providing up to 5050 ft/lbs. of torque with rotational speeds up to 750 RPM. The large diameter brush effortlessly moves material while providing the aggressiveness to remove compacted snow and debris at high speeds.
  • Snow Casting Stays Consistent with Less Build-Up
  • The unique front cap incorporates a stripper design that keeps snow casting consistent thru the life of the brush. A heated UHMW polyethylene broom hood cover is formed to a radius over the top of the assembly eliminating snow build-up on the broom head