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The SNOGO® two stage auger, full hydro-mechanical type blower heads are of very compact design, suitable for all snow conditions, and ideal for spot-casting/loading of snow through a discharge or telescopic loading chute. The MP’s three 14” horizontal serrated augers feed into a 38.5” impeller.

Power Package

Blower engine – Cummins 300 HP Tier IV Final Engine, providing output up to 1800-2000 tons per hour. Power is applied hydrostatically from the engine to the blower head eliminating the need for shear pins, clutch and angle drives. Reliability and durability of the impeller and augers is assured by hydraulic reliefs in the drive system.

Sized for 3 to 3.5 cubic yard loaders.


  • Bolt-on coupler system for various loader quick hitches
  • Drive chain for augers running in oil bath
  • Engine enclosure with gas spring assisted tilting rear and side door
  • Turntable rotates 300 degrees
  • Standard serrated augers
  • Self-adjusting drive chain – for proper tension
  • Compact control box & optional wireless controls


  • Cutting width 114″
  • Blower/Cutting Height 58″
  • Height to top of chute (Retracted) 128″
  • Height to tipper (chute up, tip up) 148″
  • Weight – 9,800lbs less hitch, includes loading chute