Wayne County Airport Authority – Detroit Metropolitan Airport has acquired a Wausau Turbo Blast 500 Cold Air Blower. This unit is designed to blow away all types of debris and FOD. TB500’s powerful airflow is ideal for removing ice pack, snow, water and worms from your airfield’s pavement and lights.


Dependable Peterbilt 220 Chassis
Allison 3000 Series Transmission
Cummins Model QSG12 513 HP Tier 4 Auxiliary Engine
Enhanced access and serviceability of the fan drive belt
Efficient impeller design increases performance at lower rotational speeds – Increasing impeller life and improved fuel economy.
Environmentally protected Hyd. valves/components
Engine block heater for chassis and auxiliary engine with remote sockets
Air interrupt function button to redirect airflow and reduce Aux. engine RPM to idle vs engine shutdown/E-STOP
Manual override for control valve operation