The Municipality of Saint Victor purchased a snowplow truck equipped with an Everest Oneway Snowplow, Wing and Body. Simard Suspensions was the dealer and are located out of Baie-St-Paul, Quebec.

BODY…MUS15HT4860-H1 QC 400F. Everest body is constructed of high tensile 400F material. Center conveyor (full length of body) that discharges material to a frame mounted cross conveyor that discharges material in front of the rear wheels of the truck with the use of a 18” polymer spinner and poly lined chute.

PLOW…OWSK10H-CT. Everest one way plow with an intake height of 35” and discharge height of 66”. Paneled skin, compression spring trip system. Plow comes complete with two moldboard shoes, blade and bolt kit, two push frame shoes, oscillator bar and adjustable strut for various plow angles.

WING…W132-HD. Everest eleven (11’) foot wing with ten (10’) cutting edge. 7 gauge skin is paneled and comes standard with two (2) moldboard shoes and adjustable bracket for proper wing arm adjustment.

HITCH…PT-QC-M. Everest quick coupling power tilt hitch. Female inverted “J” section assembly stays with plow when not in use.

WING SYSTEM. Rear mounted wing system complete with quick attach one pin system to uncouple arms from truck. 16” hydraulic front post with rubber timbren trip system and a hydraulic extendable rear arm.

UB SCRAPER. Under body scraper was supplied by Simard.