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Henke UTS UnderTailgate Spreader

Henke UTS Undertailgate Spreader

All the best features in one robust unit

Henke’s UTS-9 is the ultimate choice for easy maintenance and superior performance.

  • Unique, multi-position cover/backplate allows for better access.
  • Cover/backplate has four positions
    • Closed to allow material over the spreader
    • Up to set at 90 degrees
    • Back to set over 90 degrees to allow the additional tailgate swing
    • Straight down to allow for improved clean-out access
  • Set-back position for increased material capacity
  • Safety design features include a lock-out device and exclusive side mounting plates
  • Sloped rear apron helps shed material from the dump body into the conveyor trough and helps prevent material build-up
  • Clean-out door swings outward like a tailgate, which also allows the spinner to stay attached to the underside of the spreader, reducing weight for ease of opening and easier access
  • Capable of discharging up to 3/4″ aggregate for road shoulder berming
  • Offset motor mount makes maintenance easy while helping to prevent downtime