Re-Designed TurboBlast has many new benefits
March 31, 2021

One of the key features of Wausau’s recently launched TurboBlast is the telescoping snorkle, this allows for accurate and selective nozzle direction and optimal positioning. No other cold air blower on the market has this.

Additionally we have a built-in safety diverter which not only saves wear and tear on the engine, it makes performing maintenance in the field a breeze. And when we thought about maintenance, we designed the new TurboBlast to be easy to service and maintain, while the other products in the market are significantly more difficult to keep up and running.

One last benefit we’d like to mention is the the Power Pan feature which allows for automation of the nozzle – this makes operation much easier especially when working against the clock.

Contact sales for more information about all of the features and benefits of Wausau’s new TurboBlast for 2021.