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  • Tunnel Washer in Action Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
Tunnel Washer in Action Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
October 10, 2021

Cleaning the inside of a tunnel is no easy task. That’s why the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey wanted a better solution for cleaning two of their major tunnels: The Holland Tunnel and The Lincoln Tunnel. Both of these tunnels are around 100 years old and have extreme ceiling height restrictions in addition to an extreme height need (35′) at certain locations.

That’s why they chose to work with our Dealer, JC Madigan Truck Equipment Specialists and Wausau Equipment Company. Wausau Equipment Company has been long known for providing innovative Tunnel Washing Solutions and Heavy Equipment products for decades. JC Madigan is well known in the New England area for providing high quality brands and services..

The Tunnel Washer design for the New York and New Jersey Port Authority presented many challenges that Wausau’s Engineering Team took on to develop and perfect. In this video the Port Authority was testing out the first of four units that were to be deployed. After several initial tests, the thumbs up was given to produce the other three units that will be used to keep these tunnels clean and well maintained.